• Plats: Piteå Science Park
  • Datum: 10 jun 2019
  • Tid: 09:00

As part of the Swedish Prime Minister`s Innovation Partnership Programme, Circular and biobased economy, we would like to invite you to the conference BIOBASE in Piteå, Sweden, on 10th – 12th of June 2019. Follow us on a journey towards a circular and biobased society and how we can mitigate climate change to make Europe prosperous.

Please join us through the forest based value chain from a consumer perspective with a variety of biobased Products all the way back to a sustainable forestry.

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Your participation is free of charge. In case of no-show you will be invoiced SEK 1 000 excl VAT

A challenge facing large parts of the world today is how we deal with and respond to important societal challenges, such as the transition to a fossil-free economy, where biobased materials and products, as well as various forms of bioenergy are key components.

Northern Sweden is one of the regions in Europe with the highest proportion of forests land per area, with one of the world’s strictest regulations for sustainable forestry, and have several universities with forest related research. Therefore the region has unique prerequisites for both producing green bioenergy and second generation advanced biofuels but at the same time pursuing excellence in accelarating the development of new biobased materials and Products, with significant added value across Europe.

In Piteå you will get a unique opportunity to experience an ongoing industry and innovation for sustainable growth, via exclusive site visits day 1 and a conference day 2:

  • A variety of biobased materials and products
  • Second generation advanced biofuel production via tall diesel
  • A state of the art factory for industrialized construction of wood based apartment Buildings
  • A sawmill and window blanks plant
  • A pulp- and papermill and future possibilities with new fuels and chemicals
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Advanced research and innovation for future biobased materials and Products


For accommodations in Piteå we have reserved a number of rooms at Piteå Stadshotell and KUST Hotel & Spa.

Rates and booking code will be advised shortly.

Piteå Stadshotell 

KUST Hotel & Spa
For further questions please contact:
Helena Karlberg
+46 72 858 06 24

Press officer
Robert Bergman
+46-70 524 00 58